(A 64-bit version of Java is required. If you don’t have it, you can install it by clicking here)

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Asterion Minecraft is a public modded dual-mode multi-world Minecraft server which has been running since Beta 1.7. We have worlds for both survival and creative game-modes, with our survival side supported by Factions and our creative side supported by claimable plots. We draw inspiration from a lot of other servers, and our overall objective is to bring together all of our favourite features so that you can play on a server you can really enjoy. Balancing is also very important to us and we constantly strive to make the game both fun and fair.

Asterion is a community server with no white-list. We welcome newcomers and the staff can be contacted directly on Skype if you have a problem or just want to chat. Our aim is to make a no-fuss server where you can play with your friends, meet new people, and get help if you have problems.

The server can be found at server.asterionmc.com and is currently running Minecraft 1.7.10. To connect you need to use the Robbit Mod Pack, which can be installed via the Asterion Launcher. (Click the “Robbit” and “Launcher” tabs above for more details).

Speed Test Result

Asterion Minecraft is hosted using a dedicated server on the east coast of Canada to ensure the most optimal ping feasible between the USA and UK. The server is powered by a quad core Intel Xeon processor running at 3.9 Ghz with 64 GB DDR3 RAM, and Minecraft runs from an SSD protected with RAID mirroring. We run our JVM with many custom performance flags and the server has automatic freeze and crash recovery to minimise lag and downtime where possible. We also have both Opis and YourKit profilers, which we use to determine the cause of any server lag and try to keep the server running at 20 TPS.

Core Features of Asterion Minecraft

  • The Robbit Mod Pack: Asterion has a custom mod pack called “Robbit”. Robbit looks at every part of Minecraft and tries to improve it in some way. It features popular mods found in Tekkit, Feed the Beast and other well known mod packs, including IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, RedPower, and ExtraBiomesXL, but also has a number of custom mods. We have a lot of exclusive content and we are the only server with Nether Biomes, Robbit Foods, VanillaMap (NEI and creative inventory reordering), Alpha-blocks… the list goes on. Enjoy new things such as frost brick, polished stone, stained glass, raspberry jam, it’s all here!
  • Tri-Mode: We have PvE, PvP and creative worlds. Fight your enemies in PvP, explore and craft in PvE, or build to your heart’s content in creative.
  • FactionsOur PvP world features a custom port of the popular Factions plugin. Claim and protect your land from griefing, wage wars or make allies! Factions encourages server-wide warfare and constructive team-building.
  • GroupsOur PvE world comes complete with a fully functional Groups system which allows you to play PvE alongside your friends.
  • Creative Plots: Asterion is well known for its creative plot system. The creative world is split into 100×100 plots which people can claim to protect their creations from griefing. You can also invite your friends to help you to work on your creations by granting them building rights. Good builders are allowed to have as many plots as they like.
  • Sensible Ranking: Unlike most servers we do not operate an excessive ranking system – everyone is treated the same and everyone is welcome. You don’t have to play for a year to get basic privileges – everyone can use the core set of commands without restriction and everyone can have fun!
  • Time Capsule: Here at Asterion we never throw away anything. You never have to worry about the hours of work on your base being lost on a map wipe. Our server’s “Time Capsule” system allows you to go back and view your old creations at any time.
  • Amenities: The server has many popular public amenities including shops, spleef arenas, PvP and mob arenas, a swag (drop party) arena, a gymnasium, an adventure dungeon… the list goes on. When you’re not fighting in survival or building in creative, you can take a break in our spawn world and enjoy these side-games with your friends.
  • Texture Pack Whitelisting: We have a custom texture pack whitelisting system which allows us to block x-ray texture packs. No other server has this system.
  • Anti-Tampering System: The mod pack can detect when it has been tampered with and will refuse to connect to the server in that instance. This blocks people from using cheat or hack mods while playing on the server.

How to Join

Joining the community of Asterion Minecraft is really simple! All you have to do is grab a copy of Asterion Launcher and use it to launch Robbit. The server will then be automatically listed for you on the server selection screen. It couldn’t be easier!